Meet the People

Why TWF Industries remains a leader in industrial finishing services…

Tom Furrer, President/CEO

Tom Furrer


Tom is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of TWF. He also does most of the quoting, with help from Hannah.  Tom along with his wife Jill founded TWF in 1986.  Prior to that, Tom was in a partnership with his father and brother in an electroplating business.  He also worked as a tool and die apprentice, machinist and draftsman prior to his career in the Finishing Industry.

Tom and his wife have four children and six grandchildren.  Tom enjoys time with his family, snowmobiling and working with his tractor.  He also enjoys playing in FlattGrass Revival, a bluegrass/gospel band .

Jill Furrer, Vice President/CFO

Jill Furrer

Vice President/CFO

Jill has been at TWF Industries since its beginning in 1986, holding various key roles in the office.  She currently oversees the monthly accounting reports as well as weekly accounting duties.  Jill also serves as Secretary for the Board of Directors. 

 When at home, Jill loves spending time with her family and her cats.  She also makes time for “fiddling around” in the band with Tom and friends.

Benjamin Furrer, Materials Manager

Benjamin Furrer

Materials Manager

Ben started at TWF in 2002 and has served in many roles. He is currently the Materials Manager who coordinates the many areas of supply to ensure that jobs can be run successfully and on time. His experience is also invaluable in assisting with technical issues and special projects.

Ben and his wife have 6 children.  He enjoys spending time with his family, building Legos and sitting on the back porch in the sun.

Daniel Furrer, Technical Sales Representative

Daniel Furrer

Technical Sales Representative

Daniel started at TWF in 2007. He learned the painting trade on the shop floor in many areas that included racking, painting, powder coating, lead person and Production Manager. Providing him a clear understanding of what a quality product is. Today in his role of Technical Sales he continues fostering long standing relationships with current customers and building relationships with new ones.

Away from work, Daniel is an artist; he enjoys drawing cartoon characters, making people laugh, and spending time at his parents’ beautiful wooded property.

Mindie Meyer, Production Manager

Mindie Meyer

Production Manager

Mindie has a 4-year business degree from St. Cloud State University and started at TWF in 2011 as an Administrative Assistant.  Mindie has worked in quoting, and as the customer service manager.  She is now the Production Manager responsible for the day-to-day operations on the shop floor.  Mindie works closely with the lead people, prepares the daily production schedule, overseer’s quality and efficiencies to ensure that commitment dates to our customers are met.

Mindie likes to bowl, play softball, and enjoys the water in the summertime.  She has a six year old son who keeps her moving.

Travis Strahm, Human Resources

Travis Strahm

Human Resources

Travis has a 4-year degree from Kansas State and started at TWF in 2014 in shipping and receiving.  Travis soon worked his way up to be the Human Resource Director, he also manages shipping and logistics and some Office Manager duties.  Travis enjoys being part of the family Industrial Finishing business, and coming to work with his wife, Jilaine, every day.

Travis enjoys gardening and landscaping at home, working with cattle, and traveling to Kansas where he grew up.

Hannah Kracht, Customer Service Representative

Hannah Kracht

Quoting and
Process Design

Hannah is a graduate of Alexandria Technical and Community College, where she studied Accounting and Administrative Assistant. Hannah came to TWF in 2017 as an Admin Assistant.  She now works in Quoting and in Contract Review where she plans processes to ensure that jobs are ran efficiently and to the customer specifications. 

Outside of work she spends time with her family and enjoys biking. Whenever she gets a chance, she likes getting lost in a good book.

Jilaine Strahm, Administrative Assistant

Jilaine Strahm

Administrative Assistant

Jilaine is a graduate of Alexandria Technical and Community College in Administrative Office Management and has been at TWF full-time since 2003.  She has worked in several positions throughout the company over the years.  Currently she works in several key areas of the company including accounting, contract review, order entry, purchasing and helping wherever she’s needed. In addition to her several duties she continues to be the company receptionist.

Jilaine enjoys travelling and spending time at home with her husband Travis.


Lee Brewer

Compliance Director and Maintenance

Lee came to TWF in 2001.  Lee is responsible for keeping us safe and compliant to the several regulations that govern our industry.  Lee uses his extensive mechanical experience and knowledge to oversee maintenance and fixture manufacturing. Lee also performs some lab duties, purchasing of chemical supplies, and oversees the chemical waste treatment system.

Lee enjoys wood working, spending time with his grandchildren and family.